Lives and works in France

In the artworks of Feuilloley the subject is the human being, yet is the way in which the artist rejects the conventional canons of representation that amaze us.
An often lengthen or more compact anatomy and bodies completely bare with a look beautifully expressive, are the features of Feuilloley's work. A work which is far from the naturalism of classic portrait, despite the representation of the human figure. The artist's eye is unable to remain on the surface, cannot avoid of going deeper and fathom the interiority of her subjects and eventually she bares them, not just exteriorly. Here they appear, caricatures of the movements of the soul, perfectly reported on canvas.

The watchword is fantasy, and it is thanks to it that Feuilloley manages to reach the magical dimension of being in order to let the mechanisms of the subconscious and the symbolic dominating her expressive language.

Through her works the world appears sublimate by its deceptive appearances and hers denuded characters finally look for what they are inside, thanks to the metamorphosis that we admire on her canvases.

In his works you can always notice a series of levels and this is the challenge that throws the artist to the viewer: for a better understanding, the spectator has to be ready to challenge himself, in the one hand as observer and in the second as subject.

Thus the act of painting becomes for Feuilloley above all an interior need to communicate her vision of the world, a need which leads to a continuous revision and deepening of her own style.

        Elisa Larese




          Gallery LA QUINCAILLERIE, Veules-les-Roses, France (76)



2016 :    La Glacière, Le Havre France (76)
              Salon Base’Art, Fréjus France (83)
              La Linerie, Crosville sur Scie  France (76)

2015 : Villa Carlotta Museum, Tremezzina, Como, Italy
          Médiatheque de Mouscron, Belgium: illustrations for Jean de La Fontaine
2014: Abbaye du Valasse, Gruchet le Valasse, France
2012 : Galerie du PARC , Notre Dame de Gravenchon , France
          Fonds Ancien, Fécamp , France: illustrations for Jean de La Fontaine
2011: Mediatheque de Honfleur, France: illustrations for Jean de La Fontaine
2010: Abbaye de Montivilliers , France
2009: Espace Jef Friboulet, Yport, France
          Espace Tristan Bernard, Paris, France
2008: Gallery L ’USINE, Le Havre, France
2007: Gallery Chercheur d’Art, Metz, France.
2006: Centre culturel de Sainte Helene Bondeville: show in duo with Maurice Dubuc
2004: Gallery Grand’Voile, Fecamp, France.
2003: 11th expo-festival d'art plastique of Cour Saint Pierre, Paris
2000: Gallery Michel Magnan, Fecamp, France
1999: 9nth expo-festival d'art plastique of Cour Saint Pierre, Paris
1998: La Maison des Art in Conches, France.
         Gallery Grand’Voile, in Fecamp.
1997: Feuilloley, 10 years of painting, at The Musee du Prieure, Harfleur, France.
1995: Gallery Grand’Voile, in Fecamp, France
1993: Gallery Grand’Voile, in Fecamp, France
1991: Terre-Neuvas museum in Fecamp, France.



2016 :  ONU, Palais des Nations - Journée mondiale de l’art , Genève (Suisse)

2015 : Château du Val-aux-Grès, 6 artits about Nomadism, Bolbec (76)
          Les hivernales, Casino de Bonsecours, France, (76)
          Artifact Gallery, New York, USA
2014 : Salon International du Portrait, Château de Beauregard, France
           Art naîf, art imaginaire,  Usine à Zabu, Saint Germain des Angles, France
2013 : Salon Comparaison, Paris, France
           Salon Figuration Critique, Paris, France
           Biennale de Sarria, Spain
2012:  Salon Comparaison, Paris, France
           Galerie du PARC , Notre Dame de Gravenchon , France
2008 : Astarte gallery, Paris
2000: Palais de la Benedictine, Fecamp, France: “Palette Normande”
2002: Salon de la lune bleue, at Chateau du Val au Gres, Bolbec, France
2001: Patrimoine regional contemporain, at l’Hotel de Bourgheroulde, Rouen, France.
1999: Group show in Gallery Lethuillier, Paris, France
          Guest of Honor at Salon de peinture d’Yport, France
1988: Salon d'automne in Paris.



2002 : Prix de la ville, Salon de la pointe de Caux, Gonfreville l’Orcher
1992 : Grand prix du salon de la peinture de Marine, Fécamp, Terre-Neuvas museum
1991 : Prix spécial du Jury, salon de la peinture de Marine, Fécamp, Terre-Neuvas museum
1987 : Prix jeune artiste of the city of Fécamp.



LA FONTAINE, 20 fables illustrées par FEUILLOLEY – Editions Belize, 2011
FEUILLOLEY, 20 ANS DE PEINTURE - Ananda Editions, 2006
NUDE ART TODAY, tomes 1,2 et 3 – Editions Patou, 2008, 2010, 2013



2005 :  TV PUBLIC SENAT :  Feuilloley, report of Céline Couratin




Attended ECOLE DES BEAUX ART de ROUEN (1974-1978)