Born in Le Havre, graduated from the École Nationale des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, she joined the Institut National de l'Audiovisuel in 1983 where she signed the artistic direction of the very first French films made by computer, becoming a pioneer of French computer-generated imagery. But soon the constraints of audiovisual production weighed on his need for creative freedom. In 86, a striking dream made her give up a career as a director to devote herself exclusively to painting. She soon moved to Yport, a small coastal village in Normandy where she still lives. His paintings were quickly noticed and exhibited at the Terre Neuvas Museum in Fécamp for his first solo exhibition in 1990. From museums to cultural venues, her work is now recognized and praised throughout Europe: in Italy where she exhibits regularly (Villa Carlotta on Lake Como, Palazzo Reale in Genoa), in England, in Belgium in Spain, in Switzerland (Palais des Nations in Geneva), to Vietnam, invited by the Museum of Fine Arts of Ho Chi Minh City. A member of the Comparaison group, present every year at the Grand Palais in Paris, as well as the Havre women's collective Échelle, her works are available online via the Singulart, Saatchi Art and Critic Art galleries. Feuilloley's work was born from the dream, whose springs and the wonderful she exploits. It represents the human, freed of superficiality (hairstyle, clothes, various ornaments) which then becomes a substance laid bare, which the artist models or distorts at leisure. Its objective is above all the search for pure, clear, luminous emotion... This emotion that unfolds beyond materiality, beyond form, beyond the veil of appearances. The result is a painting from elsewhere, characterized by a disturbing realism that has its roots in Flemish painting of the fifteenth century. Throughout the paintings, Myriam Feuilloley draws a bridge between the possible and the impossible, the visible and the invisible. She invites us into a magical world where common laws are to be reinvented, where poetry and humor transport us from pain to sweetness.



2022 : Galerie Professorium, Würzburg, Germany

2022 : PRIVATE MUSEUM, 50 NFT Feuilloley on line
2019 : Hôtel de Ville, Fécamp, France (76)
           Illustrations for the Fables of La Fontaine, library of Mouscron, Belgium
2018 : Museum of Fine Arts, Hô Chi Minh Ville, Vietnam
           Espace Jef Friboulet, Yport France
2017 : Gallery La Glacière, Le Havre France
           Women in Art, Palazzo Reale, Genoa, Italy
2016 : Base'Art, Fréjus France
           La Linerie festival, Crosville sur Scie France
2015 : Villa Carlotta Museum, Tremezzina, Como, Italy
           Illustrations for the Fables of La Fontaine, library of Mouscron, Belgium
2014 : Abbaye du Valasse, Gruchet le Valasse, France
2012 : Galerie du PARC , Notre Dame de Gravenchon , France
           Illustrations for the fables of La Fontaine, Fonds Ancien, Fécamp , France
2011 : Illustrations for the fables of La Fontaine, Library of Honfleur, France
2010 : Abbaye de Montivilliers , France
2009 : Espace Jef Friboulet, Yport, France
          Espace Tristan Bernard, Paris, France
2008 : Gallery L'USINE, Le Havre, France
2007 : Gallery Chercheur d'Art, Metz, France
2006 : FEUILLOLEY – DUBUC", show in duo at Centre culturel, Sainte Helene Bondeville, France
2004 : Gallery Grand'Voile, Fecamp, France
2000 : Gallery Michel Magnan, Fecamp, France
1998 : Maison des Art in Conches, France
          Gallery Grand'Voile, in Fecamp France
1997: FEUILLOLEY, 10 ANS DE PEINTURE, retrospective at The Musee du Prieure, in Harfleur, France
1995: Gallery Grand'Voile, in Fecamp, France
1993: Gallery Grand'Voile, in Fecamp, France
1991: Musee des Terre Neuvas, in Fecamp, France



2022 : Halle au Poisson, Inauguration   Le Havre  (76)

2022 : Galerie Francis Barlier, sélection des Critiques d'art   Paris  (75)

2021 : Imaginearium, Animalités,   Saint Jouin Bruneval  (76)

2021 : Comparaisons, Grand Palais,   Paris  (75)

2019 : Comparaisons, Grand Palais,   Paris  (75)

2018 :Comparaisons, Grand Palais,   Paris  (75)

          Biennale de Conches, Maison des Arts, Conches, France
2016 : World Art Day, United Nations Office of Geneva , Switzerland 
2015 : Galerie Métanoïa, Paris , France
          Art en Capital, Comparaisons, Paris, France
          Château du Val-aux-Grès, Bolbec , France
          Artifact Gallery, New York, USA
          Les Hivernales , Casino de Bonsecours, France
          Artifact Gallery, New York, USA
2014 : Art en Capital, Comparaisons, Paris, France
          Artifact Gallery, New York, USA
          Figuration Critique, Paris, France
          Salon International du Portrait, Château de Beauregard, France
          Art imaginaire, Usine à Zabu, Saint Germain des Angles, France
2013 : Art en Capital, Comparaisons, Paris, France
         Figuration Critique, Paris, France
         Biennale de Sarria, Spain
2012 : Art en Capital, Comparaisons, Paris, France
         Figuration Critique, Paris, France


Myriam Feuilloley AWARDS

2002 : Prix de la ville, Salon de la pointe de Caux, Gonfreville l’Orcher
1992 : Grand prix du salon de la peinture de Marine, Fécamp, Terre-Neuvas museum
1991 : Prix spécial du Jury, salon de la peinture de Marine, Fécamp, Terre-Neuvas museum
1987 : Prix jeune artiste of the city of Fécamp.

LA FONTAINE, 20 fables illustrées par FEUILLOLEY – Editions Belize, 2011
FEUILLOLEY, 20 ANS DE PEINTURE - Ananda Editions, 2006
NUDE ART TODAY, tomes 1,2 et 3 – Editions Patou, 2008, 2010, 2013
Masters of Contemporary Fine Art Volume 2, Art Galaxie London 2016
TOP 10 CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS III, MOT Publishing, London 2020


2005 :  TV PUBLIC SENAT :  Feuilloley, reportage de Céline Couratin